5 Reasons for Professional Rodent & Rat Control

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control

Why are there so many rats, mice, and rodents in the Seattle region, and what should you do if some of them choose to invade your home? Rats are especially common in places where large groups of humans live, because rats depend on humans to survive.

The population growth, climate, and landscape of Seattle and Pacific Northwest have made our region a popular place for rats and rodents, which means that rodent infestations are also common.

While there are many minor problems around the house that can be handled DIY by homeowners, rodent infestations are tough – and often dangerous – to deal with on your own. There are many good reasons why mouse and rat control are best left to the rodent control experts.

Know When to Call Professional Rodent Control

  1. Rodents Can Spread Harmful Diseases
    Rats, mice, and other rodents can carry pathogens which transmit harmful diseases – including the potentially deadly hantavirus which is carried by the common deer mouse. Mice control experts have the sanitary equipment necessary to deal with the problem, and the experience required to use that equipment safely. Even aside from pathogens, rodents create many sanitary issues that are best handled by professional rodent control experts.
  2. Identifying Entry Points Takes an Expert Eye
    Did you know that rats can jump up to three feet, climb vertically on many surfaces, and have a flexible skull that allows them to squeeze into tight places with ease? Mice are even better climbers and can squeeze into places that even rats find too small. Identifying rodent entry points requires an expert eye, an understanding of rodent tendencies, and an extremely thorough look in and around the home. An expert knows the subtle signs that rodents leave behind as they travel and the many common areas where rodents like to sneak into homes.
  3. Spare Yourself Trips to Attics, Crawlspaces, and Other Dark Places
    That search for entry points will also take your rodent pest control pro to some corners of the home that you may prefer not to visit, like the crawlspace and attic. These are some of the most common entry points for rodents and the areas that they use to travel throughout the home. The pros have the gear to handle the job… and to spare you from having to delve into those dark places that may have rodent infestation.
  4. A Rodent / Rat Control Expert Understands the Right Solution for Your Home
    Truly addressing a rodent infestation may require a solution customized to your home and a strong understanding of the area where your home is located. Rodents may nest inside, or they may use entry points to forage for food inside. Rats can gnaw through many of the materials used to construct homes and may be entering through places where many homeowners would rarely think to look. A rodent control expert can analyze your whole property, and provide the solution that works best for your needs.
  5. Continued Control from the Experts to Keep Infestations at Bay
    While there may be an immediate problem to deal with when you have a rodent infestation, keeping rodents at bay also requires a long-term approach. The right rodent/rat control expert will be able to tell about the exclusionary work required to seal up your home, and eliminate the sources of entry that rodents target. Future visits allow your expert to monitor old entry points, scout for signs of new problems, and make sure that your home remains free of rodents.

Are you dealing with a rodent problem and live in the Puget Sound or Seattle region? Our team at Cascade Pest Control is here to help you identify the problem, and find an environmentally friendly solution for your rat, mice, rodent control issues. We can also handle the exclusionary work required to seal up entry points, and help prevent future rodent infestations.

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