Difficulty Keeping Mice, Rats & Squirrels Out


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Difficulty Keeping Mice, Rats & Squirrels Out

What Rodent Control Includes The rodent control process includes many things. We at Cascade Pest Control believe in starting with preemptive and proactive steps to stop pests or rodents from getting inside your home or business in the first place. Our goal is to prevent the type of invasive procedures shown in this video. Mice, rats, […]

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Fun Facts About Rats & Mice

RATS From Tacoma, through Seattle, Snohomish & Skagit Counties and up through Bellingham we have both Norway rats and roof rats.   Excellent jumpers: Rats can jump vertically 36 inches and horizontally 48 inches. Dropping from a height of 50 feet doesn’t kill or seriously injure rats. Squeezing through small openings: Rats have flexible skulls […]

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Why Use a Pest Control Company to Control Rats?

Obviously rats spread filth and disease.  They are disgusting and can be aggressive.  And, importantly, it is estimated that rats in the Seattle region do between $500,000 and $1 Million in damage to homes each year.  We need to stop rats when they infest our homes.  Even better we all need to prevent rats from […]

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Where Do Rats & Mice Go When it Gets Cold?

Rats and Mice Take Cover for Fall and Winter Every year as we start to bundle up a bit, and keep the doors and windows closed, we seem to get uninvited guests that want to winter right along with us—rats and mice.  It’s true that we at Cascade Pest Control get more calls for rodents […]

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Finding a Mouse Infestation Entry Point

Rodent Inspection for Mice Infestation In this video Cascade Pest Control’s quality control manager, Kris Novak, takes us on a rodent inspection to find the entry point of a mouse infestation.  Entry points are where rodents get in.  The rodent inspection is the process of learning as much about the home and the rat or […]

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Rodent Inspection and Rodent Control

Learn About Cascade Rodent Control – Inspection, Treatment, Protection Rats, mice, and rodents plague the Seattle region. So, it’s become a necessity for every home and business owner to rely on rodent control services to keep these pesky pests away. Cascade Pest Control has 40 years of experience knowing where to look for rodents, their behavior, and […]

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The Damage and Diseases of Rats and Mice

Avoid Damage and Disease with Rodent Control Rats, mice, squirrels, and other common household rodents can cause disease and extensive damage to your home, storage items, and even to your car. This damage is due largely to excessive gnawing or by contamination due to their extended dwelling in your space. Thankfully, Cascade Pest Control has […]

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Why Are Rodents—Rats and Mice—So Successful?

The Amazing Abilities of Rodents—Rats and Mice—and why they are such formidable pests. Rodents are wild animals, they live their lives in survival mode.  And they’ll go to extremes in order to succeed. Rodents are amazingly adaptive and are hardened by the harsh realities of survival. They will be with us for a long time […]

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Rat City? Why Greater Seattle Region Is Prone to Rats & Rodents

This is a follow-up on our last video blog post Why So Many Rats in the Greater Seattle / Puget Sound Region? – which explores reasons why the Seattle region is prone to so many rats and rodents. Seattle: One of the Rattiest Cities When the Department of Housing and Urban Development researched this issue, […]

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Why So Many Rats in the Greater Seattle / Puget Sound Region?

 Rats Thrive in Pacific Northwest Climate Not many understand that rats and rodents are human-dependent. They don’t survive well in the wild on their own. Therefore, they follow us where we go, and thrive in similar environments because of this. Unfortunately, our habits and unintentional lures enable them to continue to thrive. Early Northwest settlers […]

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