Thatching Ants – What You Need to Know

Pest Identification

thatching ants in Washington state

Thatching Ants – What You Need to Know

Formica Obscuripes, or Thatching Ants, get their more common name from creating large mounds they build from various yard debris, such as small sticks, grass stems, leaves, pine needles, and/or whatever the common area vegetation allows. Similar to a ‘thatched roof’, the mounds are thought to collect solar radiation, providing warming during cooler periods, while […]

drug store beetle

What Are the Most Common Food Pests?

Your home pantry can be a breeding ground for food pests if you don’t take preventative measures on how you are storing items such as cereal, flour, pasta, dried fruit, chocolate, seeds or grain, bird seed or pet food, etc. And a big challenge with common food pests is that, typically, they go unnoticed until […]

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