Nuisance Bird Abatement/Exclusion

Nuisance Bird Control in Seattle & Puget Sound Region

Birds can deface structures with their droppings and create messes in attics or rafters and other locations. Certain bird species can also damage screening and decorative wood facing. Perhaps most important, since birds carry parasites and diseases they present a health hazard that you can’t afford to live with. We at Cascade Pest Control understand this and offer several approaches to bird control.

Cascade Pest Control’s Approach to Bird Control

Cascade offers several services for bird control, any or all of which may be needed depending on the bird species and situation.  We provide:

  • Cascade Inspect & Protect professional inspection to determine the extent and type of bird problem, and to assess what measures are necessary.
  • Sanitation and Filth Removal – often necessary after birds have roosted or nested for any length of time.
  • Cascade Pest Control’s state of the art Bird Deterrents & Exclusion Devices which include:
    • Landing & Roosting Deterrents – Keep birds from loitering, getting comfortable and making a mess!  This includes Cascade’s springwire, spikes and other approaches.
    • Netting and Structural Exclusion

Bird Control for Commercial Buildings, Residences & Other Structures

Cascade Pest Control provides bird control for various structures and situations:

  • Residential Homes – Condominiums – Apartment Buildings
  • Commercial Sites, such as Office Buildings, Churches, Parking Garages, Retail Shopping Malls, Warehouses & Industrial Parks, Airplane Hangars, and Health Care Facilities.
  • Other – Public Art Installments, Signs and Towers, Parks & Other Outdoor Facilities>

Call Cascade Pest Control to get relief from Bird Problems today.

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