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Carpenter Ants are commonly encountered wood destroying insects responsible for damage to thousands of homes each year. Due to the severity of carpenter ant distribution and damage in the area, Cascade has dedicated a separate section just for Carpenter Ants.

Carpenter ants worker – Carpenter ants workers feeding – carpenter ant damage

Odorous House Ants are the most commonly encountered ant here in King and Snohomish counties. These small black ants, also known as “OHAs” or by their scientific name “tapinoma sessile”, give off a coconut-like odor when disturbed or crushed. This species can have colonies numbering in the thousands and are extremely persistent. Few other pests rival them as nuisances as they can show up in many parts of a house, though often favoring the kitchen. In particular OHAs tend to defend the colony by moving once initial treatment is done, which means that effective control can take time. Do not “spray” them with retail pesticides as the nest merely splits into two and now the problem is even tougher to handle.ants2

Other nuisance ants of the Northwest

single-antMoisture Ants
Moisture Ants nest in moist or rotted wood often indicating a serious moisture problem or plumbing leak hidden behind a wall. Moisture Ants swarm in the heat of the summer.


argentine-antArgentine Ants

Introduced from south America, these ants are very tiny, highly reproductive and extremely social producing “super colonies” that take over homes and other environments.
View Argentine Ant video


pharaoh-antPharaoh Ants

These tiny, light-colored ants have some of the greatest colonies in terms of shear numbers. They plaque kitchens and other areas of the home and, as happens with a few other ant species, they split their colony into multiple, separate, smaller new colonies when treated with conventional sprays.


Ants Commonly Found Away from Structures

Thatching Ants
Red and black ants that create mounds of straw over their ground nests. Thatching Ants make well defined trails through forest floors and grassy areas outward toward their foraging areas. While amazing in the wild, these ants can inflict painful bites by injecting a bit of formic acid into the bite wound.



pavement-antPavement Ants
These are dark brown to black ants that are found on sidewalks and parking lots, wandering crazily in search of food. They commonly kick up sand in pavement expansion joints, and this is often seen in the joint between the garage slab and the driveway of a home. In their proper place they are natures garbage collectors, but when infesting your patio or when they come indoors, they’re nearly unbearable.


Cascade General Ant Control Program

Our service covers:

Odorous House Ants, Moisture Ants, Argentine Ants, Pharaoh Ants
House interior and house exterior
Preventive coverage for Carpenter Ants

Cascade Pest controls various ant species in the region, including carpenter ants, odorous house ants, moisture ants, Argentine ants, pharaoh ants, thatching ants and pavement ants. Identification can be trick – for example, carpenter ant sizes vary widely. Contact us today for help in identifying your ant problem.

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