Meet The Cascade Pest Control Team

We take pride in hiring only the best support staff and technicians available. Each is vetted through a safety and security interview process to assure they are the best in their field and not of questionable backgrounds.


alex125x125Alex Boddie
Manager, Licensed Pest Control Operator
I have been a member of the Cascade team for eight years now, and I
am solidly pleased with the direction and character of the company.
I spent years with a nation-wide company and the contrast is
significant. The leadership has treated me with honesty and
respect and now I’m part of the management myself. I
consistently enjoy working within the greater Cascade
team. …click here to read more

 Eric Runkle
Licensed Pest
Control Operator
Cascade is the best company I have worked at.
I’m happy to be a part of the team, and
get the opportunity to serve you my clients

bryan125x125 Bryan Dye
Licensed Pest
Control Operator
I love my job. Solving people’s problems and keeping them protected. And I enjoy working with my colleagues.

Aleah Malizia
Licensed Pest
Control Operator
I truly enjoy going to work every day.My goal is Cascade’s goal:happy and satisfied customers.
Joshua Isuzaki
Licensed Pest
Control Operator
krissq Kris Novak
Licensed Pest
Control Operator
I have been a proud Cascade Pest Control employee for almost eight years.
I had been doing HVAC for over 5 years when I was laid off during the recession.
I liked what I saw at Cascade. I quickly found out that my previous experience
skill set translated very well to my new position and used it at almost every
turn. I have more extensive knowledge than most pest control technicians
about structural house framing that is hidden beneath the sheet rock
…click here to read more

Michelle Lane
Licensed Pest
Control Operator
I’m lucky to work where my values of great serviceare also those of the company. I love this job, mycustomers, and my coworkers here at Cascade.

steven125x125Steven Milton
Licensed Pest
Control Operator
I like working at Cascade because everyone there pretty much knows
each other. It’s a pretty close company and it’s a very uncommon
thing these days for owners and management to really care about
their​ people. The last time I had this much fun and felt so happy
about working with the other professionals, I was in the Navy
20-something years ago as a troubleshooter on Prowlers
so that’s saying something.

gilsq Gil Flores
Licensed Pest
Control Operator
I have been part of the Cascade Pest Control family for 5-1/2 years now.
It’s a local family-owned business that treats their employees like we’re
part of that family. I have always believed in working hard and setting
the standard, and that’s where Cascade’s owner’s come from as well.
The Cascade culture here believes in providing high quality service
while also providing customer satisfaction. I am proud to be part
of the Cascade ‘family’ and plan to remain here until retirement.

Scott Erola
Licensed Pest
Control Operator
I’m lucky to work at a company with such an awesome
reputation and repeat customer base. Cascade Pest
has been a wonderful fit for me and I look
forward to many years with them.

Dylan Ritchie
Licensed Pest
Control Operator
Cascade treats both their employees
and clients with care and concern.

Thomas Meek
Licensed Pest
Control Operator
I forward Cascade’s kindness and
understanding towards the clients I serve.

Chris Grinstead
Licensed Pest
Control Operator
I love problem solving and challenging situations with rodents, ants, and other pests.


chanda125x125Chanda Kham
Not in a hundred years, did I ever think I would find myself in the
pest control industry. Here, I have found amazing mentors who
have been nothing short of ethical, supportive, and motivating.
Cascade has shown me the values of educating employees
and customers. I am truly honored to be a part of Cascade Pest
Control… to be a part of this family because it feels like home.

marla125x125 Marla
Senior Office

”I have been an employee of Cascade Pest Control for almost 20 years now.
Believe it or not, I got my job with Cascade because I had an infestation of
Carpenter Ants in my home! When I discovered that I needed professional
help, I immediately called Cascade as the owners had previously
lived down the street and had been neighbors of mine. …read more
sirre125x125 Sirre Radtke
Leaving a corporate job, I came to Cascade Pest Control looking for
a change in pace. This is one of the best companies I have worked
for, as they are family owned and operated. The genuine care and
concern for their employees is reflected and mirrored in the way
they treat their customers. I enjoy being part of a positivity-
based team where people really care about each other, from
employees all the way down to each individual customer!

Malina Sy
Customer Service
I am honored to be a part of the Cascade team, which to me, feels
more like being part of a big family. I feel the positive vibe each day
that I am here. Cascade has inspired me in so many ways, mostly to
understand how important it is to protect our health and homes
from pests. It is absolutely my pleasure to be able to assist our clients.
To hear their smile through the phone feels like I am sending
a super hero their way.
Daina Turner
Customer Service

Working with the Cascade family has been such a
wonderful experience. It provides me with an opportunity
to be creative and continually learn new information
about the industry. I can tell you I look forward
to coming to work every day!



kevin125x125Kevin Peterson
General Manager,
Licensed Pest
Control Operator
30 years’ experience in the pest control industry has shown me how much I enjoy working with people and helping them make their lives better. Sometimes it means restoring order to sudden chaos caused by severe pest infestations. I chose to work with Cascade because here we really do care about quality service and caring for our clients.

kurt125x125 Kurt Treftz M.A.
Co-Founder, Director
Kurt co-founded Cascade Pest in 1979, and has held leadership roles in the WSPMA. Today Kurt is active in the strategic development of the company, as well as founding a world-wide trade group, Pest Control Environmental Achievement Group ( Kurt holds a Masters degree in Applied Behavioral Science.
karen125x125 Karen Lynn



DianaSheridan_sm Diana Sheridan
Retired Co-Founder
Diana co-founded Cascade Pest in 1979 and retired 2016
al-brown-sm Al Brown
Retired Senior Technician and Service Manager
Chris Smith
Retired Route
Licensed Pest
Control Operator.
Active Navy

Cascade provides pest control for carpenter ants, mouse/mice problems, beetles, moths, flies, termites, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, rodents and bed bugs. Cascade Pest Control operates in Greater Seattle, the Eastside, King County, Snohomish County, and Skagit County.

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