Wasp and Bee Control

Wasps, hornets, and bees can pose a collective threat to children, adults, and pets, especially for those who are allergic. Cascade’s expert, environmentally safe wasp and bee control services allow you to enjoy your favorite outdoor spaces with the peace of mind that stinging pest infestations have been safely eliminated.

Wasp Extermination

We commonly encounter several different wasp species in the Seattle, WA area, including:

• Bald-faced hornets
• Mud dauber wasps
• Yellow jackets
• Paper wasps

While many of the wasp species listed above are typical to the Seattle region, Yellow Jackets are among our most common, persistent Seattle area pest problems. Yellow Jacket wasps are aggressive, stinging pests which can cause harm to your family, especially for any family members who are allergic.

Yellow Jackets can nest in a wide range of areas around the home. They can be both ground nesters (living in holes around the home), and aerial nesters (paper-like nests hanging from roof eaves or trees). Yellow Jackets can also nest in hard-to-reach places, like wall voids, crawlspaces, and attics. Locating the nest, which is typically done through flight pattern analysis, is essential to treating and eliminating Yellow Jacket wasp infestations.

Rely on Cascade Pest’s expert wasp extermination and bee control services to eliminate your wasp and bee pest problem for your home or business.


Bee Control and Extermination

While wasps are mostly seen as stinging pests, typical honey bees and bumble bees are considered beneficial because they are prolific pollinators which are less likely to sting unless provoked. However, when bees nest close to areas with frequent human activity, they will often become very defensive of their space, resulting in repeated stingings.

A bee sting while spending a day around your home or business is bad enough, and bees can pose a severe risk to those with allergies. In cases where bees have set up too close to areas of human habitation, treatment is sometimes necessary. Cascade Pest’s bee control and bee extermination services are designed to deal with bee problems in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

Start Your Wasp and Bee Control Process

Cascade Pest Control provides expert wasp and bee control assessment for homes and businesses in the Seattle/Puget Sound region. Contact Cascade Pest Control to learn more about our environmentally safe pest control services:

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