reading-kidsEven the newest, cleanest home is subject to pest invasion any time of the year. Insect and rodent pests are stealthy, secretive and prolific by nature, so they’re often well-established before a homeowner discovers them.

inspector-pointing2Your home is where you and your family enjoy life—eating, relaxing, enjoying various activities & sleeping.  And it is a sensitive environment.  Your home needs to be safe from pests, and you need Cascade’s caring, professional service that fully considers the integrity of your living space as we control pests.  Have Cascade protect your home from harmful pests today.

Speedy Response. Highly trained expert technicians. Friendly service. All from a local company serving the Greater Seattle area since 1979.
Choose Cascade Pest for your home and health.

Cascade Inspect and Protect Service

mouseJust like health care or auto maintenance, your home needs routine maintenance before problems set in.  Cascade’s Inspect and Protect service provides just that: security from pests – rather than wait until you have a crisis on your hands.

  • Routine measures for early detection and prevention of insect and/or rodent pests
  • Retreatment warranty
  • Coverage for:
    • Carpenter Ants – Rats & Mice
    • Spiders – Wasps – Earwigs
    • Ground Beetles – Sow Bugs
    • Millipedes – Centipedes
  • Rodent Inspect & Protect for Rodents—Rats and Mice
  • Our commitment to care for you and your home

eating-childCall us if you have any of the following concerns about:

–       Pregnancy
–       Small children or pets
–       Pest-borne disease
–       Pest control products, including “pesticides”

We’d be glad to provide you the information you need.

See our Service Area for full list of over 40 communities served.

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