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Effective & Safe Pest / Rodent Control in Marysville

Looking for Reliable and Expert Service? Look no further than Cascade Pest Control.

For 40 years Cascade Pest Control has been committed to protecting against many of the common pests and rodents that plague residential and commercial properties. Cascade has technicians with specialized knowledge about the pests and rodents that affect the Marysville area. Common problem pests / rodents in Marysville, Washington include:

Marysville’s Best Choice for Preventative Rodent & Pest Exclusion

Cascade Specializes in Non-Toxic Extermination and Infestation Abatement Methods

Cascade understands the importance of your family’s safety throughout the pest / rodent removal process. Our company has environmentally-safe and award winning trapping and treatment procedures to ensure that the pest or rodent problem is eliminated, but not at the cost of you or your family’s health. Cascade’s services in Marysville include:

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