“We’ve used you for 15 years and it is great knowing that you are there for every bug who finds it more interesting to be in our house rather than outside where it belonged!”
Dale R, a 15 year customer in Bellevue

“Thank you for your services over the years! Our tech has been an outstanding service person and a great asset… He has earned my respect for the depth of his knowledge, his dedication to the craft, and his business sense. The exclusion repairs he did to prevent rodent access into my home were both effective and aesthetically keeping with my property, both of which are very important to me.”
Thomas C, a 5 year customer on Mercer Island

“Cascade Pest is the best service for my money, period. Others have tried to sell me their cheap priced services, but after having left I realized the mistake I made. The quality of service, the people, and the company are better than anything else out there. I will never change again!”
Dale S, a 3 year customer in Lynnwood

Cascade Pest Control has been taking care of our school since 2005 on a preventative basis.  Since that time we haven’t had any problem with pests in buildings or classrooms.  The folks they have sent out have been great.  They are friendly and have helped us know what we can do to continue to prevent pests from entering our buildings.
Robert M, Principal, Medina Academy

“Over the years I’ve had several different techs, and they keep getting better and better! I appreciate our tech slowing down and telling us about the ants, where they can be originating from and designing a custom treatment plan for my house. We entertain a lot, and the last thing I want my guests to see is a parade of ants on the counter-tops. Thanks for the great service!”
James B, a 5 year customer in Medina

“Your team always does such a great job. I’m happy to have them servicing my home.
Michelle M, a 13 year customer in Bellevue

“Steven’s service and work ethic…are exemplary. He is consistent, thoughtful and communicative about his service…all the qualities I could wish for in a pest control technician!”
Kim W, a 4 year customer in Lynnwood

“We write to thank Cascade Pest Control for making the interior of our home free from rodents for the first time in a long time. We also want to compliment our new technician, Eric. He is very conscientious, a hard worker, and aims to please his customers. We are grateful to have Eric as our tech!”
Barry & Linda O, 3 year customers in Sammamish

“I wanted to tell you how pleased we have been with our tech, Michelle. Her promptness and professional manner, as well as her skill and knowledge, have set our tenant’s mind at ease with regard to our ant infestation. Michelle has continually reassured and educated us and the tenant while treating. She was great, and continues to assess and treat any issues we have. Heather in the office was right on top of things, setting up a same-day treatment. GREAT TEAM YOU HAVE!”
Stan & Dawn L, a 14 year customer in Burien

“Steven is a joy to work with. He is courteous, polite, always on time, consistent, and answers all of my questions. What a dream technician!”
Lilli H, a 6 year customer in Seattle

“Jeff has been a wonderful tech during our 4 years (and counting!) with you. We are very happy with both Cascade and Jeff.”
Kate W, a 4 year customer on Mercer Island

“Cascade Pest Control has been providing quality service to the Association since 2006…we would highly recommend their services to others in the greater Seattle Area.”
The CWD Group, an 8 year customer

“I want to say how happy we are with your service at my house! Kris is awesome and I appreciate all you do. I have referred you to MANY people now (I’m in real estate and you have already helped a few clients of mine). So I am a fan! Thanks much!”
Nancy G, a 7 year customer in Renton

“Jeff and Tim were great. I learned a lot and had a very valuable interaction with them as they listened to our observations, used their experience to probe all kinds of nooks and crannies that we had not seen. They discussed the treatments they thought were indicated, explained how they would work and left me with a very good understanding of what to expect. In addition, they encouraged me to call to ask questions or to report unusual activity. I am very satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend you to others.”
Dave F, an 11 year customer from Issaquah

“I have used Cascade for the last 4 years almost exclusively on the many properties I manage and find them to be excellent in the detail of their work; always getting to the crux of the problem. Their customer service outweighs any of the other companies I have used in the past. They are an outstanding company that I would not hesitate to refer to anyone – in fact, many of the other managers in our office use them also.”
Linda R, EMB Management

“Our property managers have used Cascade numerous times without any problems. We continue to use them as an approved vendor…”
Managing Broker, Brink Property Management

“I called Cascade Pest to treat for wasps. You were very quick to respond, sending Steven out that day. Steven was very professional and courteous. Great overall service. You guys are awesome!”
Tesa F, a 11 year customer in Shoreline

“I wanted management to know that the tech provides services above and beyond the call of duty. My wife and I are very pleased with the periodic services being provided.”
Charles B, a 23 year customer in Bellevue

“We are not going anywhere, you have a lot of great people at your company. All of the techs have been very knowledgeable and thorough. They always keep the pests away.”
Joe B., a 5 year customer in Redmond

“Cascade Pest Control services three buildings for Seattle Children’s Research Institute in the Denny neighborhood in downtown Seattle. I find their service to be outstanding. They are thorough, professional and self-reliant. They check in regularly but are able to do their service calls with minimal distraction to me or my staff. I highly recommend them to anyone needing quality pest control services.”
Director, Seattle Children’s Research Institute

“Your company is awesome. I have had great service for 13 years, a trusted company and people and always there when I need them for bees, wasps, rats, ants, you name it, your guys have taken care of the problems and offered valued advice and helped me seal my foundation cracks as well. Thank you very much for all your assistance over the years. Wish there was a Cascade in Fl. Thanks again.”
Jill B, Tukwila

“It was a pleasure doing business with Cascade over the years at this home. I will continue to use Cascade at my rental houses and also at my new residence (once I find one). Jeff was exceptional through the years. It is rare to find a service provider as wonderful as he has been. He honestlycares about his work and has always completed his work on time and carefully. He is quite knowledgeable and has a real enthusiasm for his work. I am happy to be a reference for him and your company.”
Shelly M, Mercer Island

“I have been a customer of Cascade Pest Control for almost ten years. They have always delivered an excellent service for my property. But when I moved out of state for work two years ago, this quality of service took another dimension.When you are thousands of miles away from your beloved house, reliability becomes even more important. Cascade Pest Control has continued to take immense care of my house in my absence, and this resulted in creating freedom of mind for me. When you are away, this is priceless. If you are looking for a company that will really take care of your property as if it were their own, I can’t recommend sincerely enough Cascade Pest Control.”
Francois D,  a 9 year customer in Woodinville

“Cascade Pest Control is absolutely wonderful. We live on the lake and they went above and beyond when we had a rodent problem under our home (no fun getting underneath our house in full gear) and continue to monitor the problem. Since they have been doing our quarterly service we have had no rodent problems nor any other bug/animal. We also had ants that they rid for us. If I request something extra for example like treating my children’s play structure for spiders they are always accommodating and seem happy to help ( and my children thank them as well for not as many spiders scare them when they are playing during spider season!). I have referred them to my friends who are happy with the service as well and the price! So thank you Cascade Pest Control helping to make our home pest and rodent free.”
Nancy G., a 6 year customer in Lake Stevens

“We had been on service with you for many years at our house in Clyde Hill. We just moved to our new house in Bellevue and at the first sight of pests, our first response was – we need our pest tech! It is amazing how competent he is! We had some less ominous honey ants this time compared to the house ants in the last house in Clyde Hill, and our tech was at his best again. He found the nest in a remote corner of the house in the basement and we are thankful as ever!! Just wanted to convey our admiration for his talent; appreciation and gratitude to you for sending him over to our house to help us”
Most appreciative and extremely satisfied customer,
Mona S & the entire family

“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to whomever might be considering Cascade Pest Control for their business needs. As you know, at our museum, we had very strict parameters for pest control. We always found Cascade and its staff to be attentive to those needs and we always felt we were heard. One can’t always say that about many kinds of service providers today. We have also entrusted our home pest control to Cascade and have been very happy with response time, follow up, cost, and the friendly and knowledgeable staff, as well. Please feel free to use my name as a satisfied customer.”
Rosalie W, Owner (Former Museum of Doll Art)

“We are happily returning to Cascade Pest Control because we made a mistake. We had another company come to us promising lower prices and eco-friendly products to care for our premises. They were less expensive, but within a year, the pests that we originally had when you started serving us, were back inside the house. For over 10 years, while Cascade was serving us, we NEVER had a single pest in our house. We are really happy to be returning to Cascade.”
Elaine L, Maple Valley

“I especially want to express my appreciation to Al Brown for his support during the time I have been responsible for overseeing the residence going back to September 2012. He and I have never met, but he has been available to me via the phone and most helpful. He brought it to my attention that the vapor barrier was not in good condition under the house when he found out the house was going on the market. During the time we were working on that problem, it was discovered that the insulation was installed incorrectly. Al was only a phone call away, and I had him work with the guy who was re-installing the insulation. This guy found where the mice were getting into the kitchen, and Al came out and advised him on what to do. Getting this house ready to go on the market was a nightmare! Everything that was touched needed fixing! I am so glad it has sold and it is a huge relief. I hope the new owners call you, as I know the mice are going to be an on-going problem there even with all the repairs we have done.

While I’m give positive feedback, I want to include Steven Wheeler too. He does an amazing job of taking care of my residence here in Kirkland. He’s helped me with mice, spiders, and bees. He’s very easy to work with and like Al, he’s a phone call away! I like the personal concern and support I get from Steven and Al.

“My thanks to all of you at Cascade Pest Control. ”
Vicki J, Kirkland, WA

“[We] would like to commend the tech who has done our service over the last few years – he is a true gentleman, always with a smile, offering advice and suggestions or just a friendly wave to my kids. I spoke with him often about my concerns regarding harsh pesticides with my young children, he always took extra time to explain the product he was using was all natural and answer my questions. Every time he came he re-emphasized that he was using the “all natural” ingredients which gave me great comfort. I’ve been impressed because he cared enough to remember what was important to us, the customer. I would highly recommend your service, and have to many friends in the area.”
Brian C, Bellevue, WA

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