Recipients of the 2014 Top 50+ Rat & Rodent Control Company Awards can be proud of their efforts at providing rodent pest control, good information on rodent control, and in some cases related services.  Receiving this award appropriately suggests, if not confirms, that upon such consideration the judge(s) found merit in what these companies offered their clients in terms of rat/rodent control and related services.

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Venables124x124 white-splice Venables Pest Management of Olympia, WA
Chosen for long-standing reputation and emphasis on IPM (integrated pest management) approach to rodent and pest control.
Pioneer Pest124x124 Pioneer Pest Control of Portland, OR
Rat and Mouse Extermination – Removal – Control. They have a good write up about the biology and traits of both rats and mice. Notes on mice make it obvious how insidious they are due to their tiny size for access and their ability to multiply quickly. This company also serves Camas OR, and Kelso, Longview & Vancouver WA.
NatureFirst124x124 Nature First Pest Control of Portland, OR
Chosen for their “green, eco-friendly” approach to pest control. Their page on “Super Rat and Mighty Mouse” is well done.
DengoWildlife124x124 Dengo Wildlife Control of Boise, Idaho
This company takes a novel approach suing a little humor around a serious subject. A fun logo yet specializing not only in the control of rats and mice, but also kangaroo rats, tree squirrels, pack rats and much more.
AmericanRat124x124 American Rat Control of Southern California
This company is so oriented around rat (& gopher) control that it’s in their name. They pay solid attention to rodent proofing as part of their control efforts.
RodentStop124x124 Rodent Stop of Los Angeles, CA
They have an excellent approach to rodent clean up, as well as rat and mouse control and exclusion. As their name emphasizes, they reputation is all about putting a stop to rodents for their clients.
CompletePest124x124 Complete Pest Control of Los Angeles, CA
Here you can find an emphasis on customer service in their approach to rat, mouse, squirrel, raccoon and skunk control. They also take care of gnawing damage done by rats.
CustomWest124x124 Custom West Pest Control of Missoula, MT
Selected for representing rodent and pest control with a uniquely insightful website that suggests how “underground” and, therefore, formidable these pests are.
AdvancedWildlife124x124 Advanced Wildlife Trappers of Miami, FL
This professional company has taken the time to explain the various details of rat, mouse and rodent control. They have designed page for rat trapping, rodents in attic, dead rat removal, attic infestations, commercial rodent control and much more.
OrlandoRat124x124 Rat Removal Orlando, Orlando, FL
In the small rodent control company category, this outfit truly emphasizes the elimination of rats. They emphasize how rats can cause significant damage, including fires from gnawing the insulation from household wiring.
  Atlanta Wildlife Solutions – Atlanta, GA
This company specializes in rodent control issues and goes to great lengths to explain the scope of rat problems. With over 25 years’ experience they know what they are saying when they encourage protecting peoples’ investment (their home, etc.) from rodent damage.
  Arrow Exterminators – Atlanta, GA
Arrow gets the nod for comprehensive area coverage for rat and mouse control. Plus, they are a well-established company with a great reputation.
  Advanced Rodent Control – greater Atlanta, Georgia
As their name implies, they specialize in rodent control, trapping and insulation removal/repair.
  Acadian Rodent & Animal Control – New Orleans, LA
This specialist has incredible photo images on their site. They also seal off entry points and repair damage. Attic cleaning, damage repair and removal of dead animals are also offered.
  DA Exterminating – New Orleans, LA
DA has a bold presentation, powerful presence, and a solid rodent page.
  New River Pest Control – Radford, VA
“Are you hearing noises?” – a great approach to rodent services. New River presents the places in a home to look (kitchen, laundry room, etc.) and carefully describe the tell-tail signs, droppings, so people know what to be watching for.
  Marksman Pest ControlBirmingham, AL
First of all their name suggests precision and results. Their rodent page uses an excellent image that shows rather than tells. For those in the Birmingham, AL area be sure to check out Marksman Pest.
  Langman’s Wildlife – Indiana
Chosen for excellent use of imagery throughout website. These images document the many places in and around a home or other structure that can incur rodent or other animal infestation or damage.
  My Pest Pros – Washington, D.C.
A great treatment of the subject of rodents with full facts and a breakdown between species with sections on “threats” and “prevention” for each…deer mice included.
  Southern Kentucky Pest Management – Southern Kentucky
Also known as “SOKY Pest” is known for the leadership of it’s principle and their approach to pest control, including rodent control.
  Omega Animal Removal – Dallas TX
Rodents are the major pest this company goes after. They carefully seal the structure, then “decontaminate the attic and remove all the pheromones and bacteria the rats leave behind.”
ABC Home and Commercial Services – Dallas, TX
They address rodents (as well as other animals) and offer their “Signature Plus Rodent” services. See the website for good explanation to public about rat and mouse problems.
A All Animal Control – Denver, CO
A nice, lengthy text on rats and mice, their biology, behavior and control. Services include nest removal, biohazard removal, and various vent cap enclosures for prevention.
Animal & Pest Control Specialist – Denver, CO
This company specializes in rat and mouse control and carefully detail aspects of rodent issues on their site, such as droppings, feeding, damage, sounds, trails and burrows.
Animal Removal and Prevention of Utah – Salt Lake City, Utah
Concerned with various animal control this company aggressively goes after rats and mice…They offer extensive exclusion, sealing and capping services to keep them out.
Pest Pro of Salt Lake City, UT
In their pursuit of rodents this company doesn’t stop with just rats and mice, they also pursue voles, squirrels and chipmunks. They emphasize “rats in and around Salt Lake City” and offer both a one-time and maintenance services.
Rainbow Pest Experts of greater Minneapolis, MN
This outfit does a great job of presenting both rat and mouse control, however, their images of a rodent squeezing through a small opening and their video on mouse control are what stand out.
Abolish Pest Control Services – New York, NY
A pest control company that goes after rodents in the Big Apple. A clever website and their page on rodents covers Identification & Biology, Habitat, Food Habits and much more.
Rodent Busters – New York, NY
This company specializes in rat control and guarantees it. They use UV rodent detection in their inspections and they go after rodent ecto-parasites, such as fleas, ticks and mites caused by rodents.
Crit’r Catch’r – Cincinnati, Ohio
This company offers control of various animals, especially rodents. Their web pages are great on both rats and mice and point out that using poisons may result in a dead rodents in an inaccessible place and an odor problem.
Action Pest Control – Memphis, TN
Prominently displayed for rodent control in the greater Memphis and North Mississippi area, they are proud of their customer comments on their rodent control results.
Rid-a-Critter – Birmingham, Alabama
Now this company really knows how to represent their craft! Descriptive rodent web page and incredible photos of many aspects of rodent control. A must see.
Animal Control Emergency Services – Chattanooga, TN
This company caught the judges’ eyes because they state that they are provide “humane and environmentally responsible pest control.”
A-1 Wildlife Control – Charlotte, NC
A-1 uses a 4-step rodent control process of identification, locating origin of entry, remove the rodent and entry closure or sealing. This helps the client understand what goes into solid rodent control detective work and eradication.
Pest Masters Termite and Pest Control – Richmond, VA.
Prominently providing rodent control in the Richmond, VA area. They provide several levels of pest control services to suit the needs of various clientele.
Fox Pest Control of Long Island
This outfit has the gusto, right out there promoting the promise of pest control relief. What catches our eye is how well they also tell the potential customer what they need to hear: What’s Free? How Fast? Results? Local? 24/7? And the training and licensure to back it all up.
Pest Czar – Baltimore, MD
Pest Czar demonstrates the diversity amongst rodent control professionals. The company presents itself with an exceptionally clean appearance, smart and to the point, and proudly billed as the solution for rodent removal in the Baltimore area.
Paffy’s Pest Control – St. Paul, MN
Besides standing out amongst others as the rodent control experts but what won us over is the fact that they are a so family oriented. As they say, “Tough on pests, easy on the rest.”
Pest Management Services – Oakmont, PA
When looking for rodent relief in Pittsburg one company stands out as the Rodent Removal Company of Pittsburg! …and that’s Pest Management Services. Over 30 years’ experience.
Animal Services Professional Wild Life Pest Control – Pittsburg, PA
With a nod to the length of their name, ASPWLPC goes to length to provide full rodent control services, including prevention and sealing.
R & R Rodent Solutions – Charleston, SC
We like it when the name leaves no doubt you have an expert in controlling rats and mice.
License To Kill Pest Control – San Diego, CA
Armed with a proper arsenal as fully described on their rodent page. But what we really like are two things: First, the statement that “If you’re allergic to pesticides, concerned about your pregnancy or are concerned with your pets or children, we care and are prepared to work with you.” Which shows care for their customers. And their own video showing how dedication in their work.
Antac Pest Control – San Deigo, CA
Refreshing to find solid pest control companies that devote a full page to rodent infestation issues.
Pro-Pacific Pest Control – San Diego, CA
Nice set up using rotating panel display and humor to address rat and mouse control
Bay Area Rodent Solutions – San Francisco, CA
Okay, now this is what we’re talking about—a company devoted to rodent pest control. And very fun video!
Burge Pest Control – San Diego, CA
Besides their wild and fun graphics in their header, Burge Pest Control has provided customers two rodent pages: rats and mice—each fully describing the pest.
Rodent Guys! – Riverside, CA
These guys look like they can be serious about eliminating rats and mice, and have fun too.
Pest Control Center – Sacramento, CA
These folks offer three service approach options: a four-week limited baiting service (four visits, each about a week apart), a monthly or bi-monthly ongoing service, and rodent exclusion.
Home Shield Pest Control – Sacramento, CA
This company has a nice, clean rat/mouse control webpage, but it’s their photo images that say service.
Jones Bros Pest Control – Sacramento, CA
Nice, simple layout and specializes in rodent control.
Environmental Pest Control and Insulation – Bellingham, WA
Environmental does rat and mouse control, rodent exclusion, and insulation damage repair.
Excel Pest Control – Seabec, WA
This company chosen for having a qualified entomologist in charge of rodent pest management program choices. Excellent story of how David Smith passed the business on to Chris and Randi Jones.

Information about the Top 50+ Rat and Rodent Control Company Awards

Cascade Pest Control of greater Seattle, WA produces and sponsors this “Top 50+ Rat and Rodent Control Companies List”. We disqualify ourselves of judging any pest control company that competes in the marketplace with us and, therefore, will only consider this annual award for those pest control companies that do not compete with us. Inclusion is closed to pest control companies operating in Skagit, Snohomish, King, or Pierce Counties of Washington State. Judging is made by representative(s) or appointees of Cascade Pest Control. All judgements are final and may not be appealed. Nominations will be posted. “This is intended to be an annual award, presented by Cascade Pest to our colleagues in the pest control industry. Nominations are open for the 2015 Top Rat and Rodent Control companies award. Nominating and awards are free. All participating parties hold Cascade Pest Control harmless from any claim for damages. Nominations can be made by emailing or filling out a nomination form below. Nominations will be closed for the 2015 Awards by midnight of December 1st, 2014. (Late nominations will automatically be considered for following year.)

*Note: This is a contest and not a ranking by a professional or academic study over time. Cascade Pest makes no claims to the quality of service or efficacy of service provided by any company on this list.
**All award winners that use the Top 50 Rat and Rodent Control award logo agree to use the link code in its full form. Do not alter or delete any part of the code as this will result in removal from the Top 50 List.

How to Nominate Your Company or Another Company.

This is a contest based on available information at the time of considering respective companies.  We at Cascade endeavor to expand this contest upon receiving nominations which will help increase the pool of future candidates and better qualify future recipients.  If you wish to nominate your own or another company as a Top 50+ Rat and Rodent Control Company, please fill in the information below.

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