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Cascade provides annual carpenter ant control for vacation homes, primary residences and businesses in the Snoqualmie Pass area. Carpenter ants are the primary threat to your home in the Pass, and can be unsightly for your renters as well as causing structural damage to your investment property. What you need is an expert exterminator who can do the job quickly, safely, effectively…you need Cascade Pest! We’ve been taking care of businesses and homes on the Pass for over 35 years.

We know how to handle the unique challenges of pest control in the Northwest – aggressive rodent infestations, destructive carpenter ants and other insect populations that rise each season. In fact, we’ve become specialists in rodent control, using methods that are family and pet friendly.

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ANT CONTROL – Ants problems can come in two forms: nuisance ants that plague your kitchen and other areas inside the home, and wood destroying ants, such as carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are very prevalent throughout the Pass area. They lived here for thousands of years in the original forests. But carpenter ants can easily adapt to the wall cavities of homes and move in, then continue to tunnel into the wood eventually causing significant damage requiring a contractor. Other pest ants found in the Snoqualmie Pass area are filthy nuisances that roam throughout our homes. These species include the “Odorous House Ant” and others. Learn more about how Cascade protects your home from carpenter ants here.

RODENT CONTROL – Most rodents encountered within the Snoqualmie Pass area are rats, mice and squirrels. Squirrels are a “nuisance wildlife” problem and are dealt with carefully. Rats and mice, however, cause considerable damage and spread filth and disease. Rats commonly nest in home and commercial building insulation causing it to decompose and lose much of its insulation value. The insulation is also contaminated with rat filth, feces and urine. The cost to replace insulation and decontaminate an attic or crawlspace can be high. Rats (and mice too) also gnaw into electrical insulation on wires causing short circuits and even fires. Rats also contaminate stored food and damage stored items and parts of home (roofing, etc) by gnawing holes.

Cascade Pest Control specializes in rat, rodent and mouse control in Snoqualmie Pass. Cascade’s technicians are uniquely trained to detect rodent issues, assess rat infestations and plan control measures to eradicate the rats or mice. More information about Rodent Control.

OTHER PESTS – Cascade Pest Control also controls Spiders, Earwigs, Cockroaches, Food Pests, Clothes Moths, Yellow Jackets, Bees, Termites and more.

Call Cascade Pest for your pest control needs in Snoqualmie Pass,
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Snoqualmie Pass – Information and History

Snoqualmie Pass is a mountain pass that carries I-90 through the Cascade Range. The pass summits at an elevation of 3,022 fee (921 m) and is on the county line between Kittitas and King Counties. It is the largest of the three east-west mountain routes across Washington State. ~Wikipedia

Snoqualmie Pass is a mountain pass that carries I-90 through the Cascade Range. The pass summits at an elevation of 3,022 fee (921 m) and is on the county line between Kittitas and King Counties. It is the largest of the three east-west mountain routes across Washington State, kept open year-round along with Stevens Pass (US 2) to the north, and White Pass (US 12) to the south.

Snoqualmie Pass as it climbs into the Cascades passes through a micro-climate characterized by considerable precipitation, and at times hazardous conditions for travelers. The average annual precipitation is over 100 inches; snowfall averages over 400 inches. The average annual number of days with measurable precipitation is over 170.

The rapidly changing conditions require special cautions, relayed to motorists via variable message displays along I-90. Depending on traction they may call for tire chains to be installed, usually on large trucks but occasionally on smaller vehicles as well. Chain-up areas are provided along the side of the Interstate to facilitate the placement of chains. The pass has been subjected to closures when weather conditions become extreme.

A snow shed, constructed in 1950 when the road was known as US-10, formerly covered the west-bound lanes, but it has been replaced by ‘avalanche bridges’, as of April 2014. The use of sheds (very rare on Interstates) is an admission that plowing cannot keep up with snowfall and avalanches.

WSDOT maintains cameras at selected locations along the pass to monitor weather conditions. Some of these cameras can be viewed via the internet.

The area around Snoqualmie Pass consists of mountain chalets that are mainly seasonally occupied by residents of the Seattle metropolitan area, with approximately 150 year-round residents. Winter sports are the main draw, but outdoor recreation is available year round.

The Pacific Crest Trail crosses through Snoqualmie Pass and a variety of other trails are also available for hiking and climbing in the summer, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing during the winter months.

Snoqualmie Pass is also the site of the Summit at Snoqualmie, a group of alpine ski areas managed by Boyne USA Resorts. The Summit consists of four ski areas: Alpental, Summit West (formerly named Snoqualmie Summit), Summit Central (formerly Ski Acres), and Summit East (formerly Hyak). The Summit at Snoqualmie is the closest ski area to Seattle.

Snowmobiling just east of the pass is also popular during the winter months. Also in the summer and fall, paragliders and hang gliders may be seen flying above the valley, along the ridge and landing at Lake Keechelus.

Cascade provides carpenter ant extermination services and other pest control for rats and mice, ants, spiders, yellow jackets, bees,and many other pests. Call today for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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