Rodent & Pest Animal Exclusion

Pest Exclusion – Closing avenues that let them in.

Pest Exclusion, or pest “build out,” is a crucial rodent exterminating technique that is preventative—Before an infestation occurs.  Importantly, pest exclusion reduces reliance on pesticides and is a critical part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

At Cascade, we take pride in unraveling the mystery of where pests—rodents, insects and other animals—could get into your building or storage facility.  Our technicians are trained in both pest biology and construction techniques to vastly reduce, if not eliminate, the ways pest enter.

Somewhere, there is a hole or crack or crevice that allows entry for rats, mice or other pests.  Insects can move through the tiniest crevices requiring caulk or other sealants.  This work requires tedious attention to detail because their routes are often tricky to fully locate. This is where the art and science of Cascade’s pest exclusion comes in.

Holes, gaps, and cracks can be at your roof line, in the siding, under doors, through garage areas, around foundation vents, and even tunnels burrowed through soil under your foundation.

Cascade can address pest exclusion for rodents, nuisance wildlife, insects and birds.  

For bird exclusion visit our Nuisance Bird Abatement/Exclusion page.

For rodents and other small animals:

  • Repair gaps in crawlspace or attic vents
  • Close gaps where plumbing enters the home from the crawlspace
  • Screen or install flashing at adjoining openings on the roof
  • Seal gaps around garage doors
  • Repair foundation gaps around sewer drains (rats tunnel through the sewer exit gap)
  • Remedy crevices around the crawlspace access door
  • Replace or repair crawlspace hatch covers that are loose fitting
  • …and dozens more

For insects:

  • Inspect and make recommendations for insect species involved.
  • Caulk cracks and crevices

Recommend and/or install screening, air doors, and more.

Cascade Pest Control provides pest elimination for rats and mice in the greater Seattle area, King and Snohomish counties.  Cascade’s IPM rat extermination is available in Auburn, Burien, Bellevue, Everett, Issaquah, Kent, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Redmond, Woodinville and beyond.  The elimination and pest management of rats and mice is a Cascade specialty and we appreciate the opportunity to care for your home or business.  Call us today and allow us to protect your home or property from rodent pests!

Beyond the extermination of rats and mice, Cascade Pest Control has dedicated pest management specialists that are also ready to address insect pest problems you may encounter, such as ants, bed bugs and spiders.

Cascade Pest holds Washington State General Contractor’s License #CASCAPC952RL.

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