Pests Of The Northwest

RODENT PEST MANAGEMENT – click here Rattus Norvegicus_Brown Rat 2
Rodentsespecially rats – are aggressive, tenacious and secretive, and are often a community-wide problem.  Rodents are not domestic animals—they are wild, desperate to gain access to shelter and food and not in the least hesitant to compete with us for resources.  Even brand new homes are susceptible—sometimes even more so when subtle new construction practices leave ways for rodents to gain entry…

ANT CONTROL – click here
Here in the northwest we encounter ants that are horrific nuisances and some that destroy wood.  Some of most prevalent species are Odorous House Ants and Carpenter Ants.



YJ in flightHouse spiderAnthrenus_verbasci_-_larva_front_(aka)

Locate the pest you’re concerned with or browse to learn more about the pests found in our region. We hope this will help you better understand and identify various pests, however, there is no substitute for the insight and expertise of our qualified staff… MANAGEMENT – click here

Cascade Pest Control provides professional control and extermination of termites and unique expertise with the local termite problem. Here in the northwest we have both subterranean termites and damp-wood termites, each requiring very different treatment approaches. Your Cascade technician is particularly trained in termite and other wood destroying insect problems unique to western Washington and the Puget Sound basin. This ensures that you get the most comprehensive termite control and protection without paying for unnecessary treatment procedures…

Raccoon on roof
When wild animals take over our attic spaces, substructure crawlspaces or other areas (under decks/hot tubs or in sheds, etc.) they are in survival mode and become aggressive, tenacious and secretive. They shred insulation and other building materials for their nests then “mark their territories” and fully defend them. So, first, you need a qualified and experienced inspector to determine details of infestation – such as entry points, nest sites, damage and more…

Bird spikes
Birds can deface structures with their droppings and create messes in attics or rafters and other locations. Certain bird species can also damage screening and decorative wood facing. Perhaps most important, since birds carry parasites and diseases they present a health hazard that you can’t afford to live with. We at Cascade Pest Control understand this and offer several approaches to bird control…

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