Cascade Pest Control of Seattle Washington Acquires Clean Crawls’ Routes

Author: Kurt Treftz, Cascade Pest Control


cascade pest control clean crawls
Mike Tutsy, operation manger for Clean Crawls (right) and Kevin Peterson, general manager of Cascade Pest control (left)

Cascade Pest Control, a greater Seattle—Puget Sound based company since 1979, is assuming pest control clients formerly of Clean Crawls.  Clean Crawls was the first all-in attic and crawl space attic clean up and restoration company in Washington state.  Originally, Clean Crawls also provided pest control services – being as most damaged and/or contaminated attic and crawl space insulation was caused by rodents—rats, mice or even squirrels.

Cascade Pest Control, rated as one of the best pest control companies in the region, is assuming service to all former Clean Crawls pest control clients.  This service will continue to protect their home and the investment they made in attic and/or crawl space remediation.  Continued rodent and pest control service will avoid new damage and support the warranty on Clean Crawl’s work.

Cascade Pest Control is a locally-owned pest management company specializing in the extermination and preventive service for rodents and other northwest pests.  With over four decades experience in the Seattle-Tacoma area the management and staff of Cascade has tracked the development and expansion of the roof-rat and Norway rat “pandemic.”  A combination of the region’s mild climate, abundance of moisture, and expanding housing developments combine to form an ideal habitat for these critters.

Cascade’s service areas include the entire Puget Sound and up to Bellingham and the Canadian border.

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